About Us

What is SWIMA?

A membership organization focused on nurturing an environment of knowledge sharing, innovation and sustainable growth for manufacturing in the region.


The Southwest Idaho Manufacturers’ Alliance (SWIMA) was founded in the fall of 2013 through efforts of local manufacturing company executives and economic development representatives recognizing the unique challenges and opportunities of manufacturing in Southwest Idaho.


A membership organization focused on knowledge sharing, collaboration and advocacy to influence a manufacturing environment that creates benefits for the industry and the community.


The Southwest Idaho Manufacturers’ Alliance is an organization created by manufacturers, for manufacturers. We are committed to advocate for the industry and to be an integral link between manufacturing companies, partners and agencies. We will promote the economic and career benefits of manufacturing to positively influence public perception and to aid the development of a strong workforce.

Core Values

  • Passion for the manufacturing industry
  • Advocacy through community collaboration
  • Dedication to authenticity, integrity & service
  • Building awareness through knowledge sharing
  • Connecting manufacturers to tangible and economic resources

SWIMA achieves these goals by focusing on the following roles and core activities:

  • Offering regular meetings and events to enable networking among manufacturers.
  • Creating an environment for collaboration and sharing for all things related to the manufacturing; supply chain, logistics, best practices, etc.
  • Unifying manufacturers to influence regulatory and political decisions.
  • Providing resources for education on topics including leadership, management, operations, new laws, codes and regulations, human and financial resources, as well as manufacturing principles.
  • Partnering with other member organizations whose efforts and/or programs benefit the manufacturing community.