Fabrication Production Workers at CS Beef


Responsible for performing a variety of production jobs that are related to the fabrication of carcasses into various beef products. Fabrication department workers perform a variety of tasks to prepare a cooled carcass into various cuts and then pack them per market and customer requirements. Normally, employees are trained to perform up to 3-5 separate jobs. This is done to increase their skills and allow for flexibility in assigning workers (each daily shift) to jobs required to complete daily work orders..
Duties and Responsibilities: (Jobs are assigned as necessary)
 May operate a variety of industrial equipment.
 May trim carcasses with knifes.
 May bone out various carcasses into market ready cuts.
 May operate various types of fabrication saws.
 May clean up the various fabrication work areas.
 May move fabricated cuts and trim within the fabrication department.
 Must follow all food safety and personal safety procedures and requirements.
 Must learn to keep up with assigned job task and help to minimize downtime.
 May use forklifts or other transport equipment to move product or trim.
 Must keep work area clean and safe.
 Must follow instructions for their specific assigned task(s).

Please apply on-line at csbeefpackers.com