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The value of SWIMA membership is in the power associated with being part of a network of manufacturers, supply chain partners, business advisors, and strategic partners. SWIMA provides the connections to establish business relationships among its members, sharing in a culture of learning, innovation, and growth.

Current member benefits include:

  • Member-only site tours (approximately 10 – 12 per year)
  • Free Quarterly Meeting attendance for all company representatives*
  • Workshops free or at a reduced rate
  • Free booth at the annual Made Here! Expo and Job Fair
  • Free and discounted tickets to the annual VIP Reception
  • Info Hub portal for members with membership directory, resources, event postings and more
  • PartnerShip shipping discount program (for LTL and truckload shipments)
  • Jobs page for open positions
  • Employment Law Hotline**
  • Insurance Hotline**
  • Discounts – SGW Designworks, TechHelp**
  • And others coming soon!

*Associate members do not get unlimited attendance. See membership application for more details.

**Contact us for more information about these benefits.

Collaborating through sharing new opportunities, technologies, products, processes, and strategic business partners can affect change in the region’s manufacturing climate. SWIMA will act as a collective voice for manufacturers in the region to facilitate change, pooled buying power, introductions, and promotion of manufacturing in our region to create a more profitable manufacturing environment.


SWIMA’s Membership is a tiered structure offering memberships for manufacturing companies and representatives, as well as Associate and Partner organizations.  All applicants must embrace the core principles and be willing to collaborate and work with other members.


Manufacturers are defined as “establishments engaged in the mechanical, physical, or chemical transformation of materials, substances, or components into new products”. Any person employed by a manufacturing firm is eligible to apply for membership on behalf of the company.

Supply Chain

Supply chain members are those that provide materials or processes directly involved in the manufacturing of goods.


Associate members are defined as providers of goods or services to manufacturers. These providers may be financial or business advisors, banking and lending representatives, or professional services/consultants.


Partner members are local or state governments, agencies, economic development entities or educational institutions.


*FTE = Full-time equivalent
Guest AttendeeFee for attending meetings as a non-member, first-time attendees are free! All other events are for Members only.$25 /meeting
IndividualContact SWI-MA for details.$100 /year
Manufacturer – Level I Company with 1-5 FTE Employees$100 /year
Manufacturer – Level IICompany with 6-20 FTE Employees $250 /year
Manufacturer – Level IIICompany with 21+ FTE Employees$500 /year
Supply ChainTwo company representatives can participate at any given event.$500/year
PartnerDues, In-Kind Donation, or Reciprocal Membership,$500 /year
Associate – Level IMembership for up to 2 employees$1,000 /year
Associate – Level IIMembership for up to 5 employees$2,000 /year
Associate – Level IIIMembership for 6+ employees$3,500 /year
StudentsPost-secondary students are welcome to join SWI-MA, please provide proof of enrollment or recommendation from professor or SWI-MA member. Contact SWI-MA for additional details.

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